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History of The Park

Ipswich River Park is a 49 acre site at the junction of Haverhill, Central, and Chestnut Streets in North Reading. The site of an old loam farm in the 60's, homestead farmland, and the prospect of a housing development in the 90's, the Park was acquired by eminent domain in 1992. State Urban Help grants and Town matching funds allowed the park to develop. The combined efforts of the Land Utilization Committee, private fund raising, Hillview Commission, local business, and the Recreation Committee, made the project a reality.

The photo on the upper right is a scene from the days before the River was cleaned up and the Ipswich River Park was constructed. "The Fall's beautiful colors can't hide the neglect this area has seen. Trash sits in the river and along the riverbed, although turtles do like to sun themselves on the tires"

Photos Before The Park

Here are some more photos of the farmland and river before the land was restored to it's current beauty:

 A view from across Central St. The devastation was clearly evident as you looked across the site to Chestnut St. The abutters you see are across Central St. The Kidspot playground is just beyond those houses on the left about 1/4 mile away.

Unfortunately, not all litter is harmless. Better clean-up programs within the community helped put an end to this dumping.

 Old dirt bike paths.

The devastation of the site was clearly evident from this point. The sandy soil doesn't support much plant life. ATVs and dirt bikes frequent the deserted site. Piles of rocks remain from the previous owner.


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